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Got the skills and qualifications to make it as a thriving entrepreneur in Germany? We know that taking the first leap, especially when you're starting from scratch or come from a migrant background, can feel like an uphill climb. But here's the good news – you're just a few clicks away from securing your spot in our IBC development programs!

We provide the flexibility of conducting our seminars through two distinct formats: virtual and in-person.

Develop Yourself


Business Development Coaching “Introduction to Entrepreneurship” 


  • Entrepreneurial thinking essentials: How to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit and culture?

  • What to consider before starting a business?

  • Business Development

  • How to start up your own business in Germany?

  • Which legal form is suitable for your business?

  • How to enter the commercial register (Handelsregister) for larger businesses?

  • How to register at the German trade office (Gewerbeamt)?

  • How to register at the tax office?

  • What are the key legal and other requirements for starting a new business?

  • How much does it cost to start and maintain your own business?



Bureaucracy coaching

"Basics of Bookkeeping for your own     business" 


  • What types of (business taxes) are there in Germany?

  • German business administration

  • What tax rates do you have to apply as a business (Umsatzsteuer)?

  • How to keep financial and administrative records?

  • How to become a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry?



Communication coaching

“How to communicate with state institutions and local authorities?”


  • As entrepreneurs with migrant backgrounds, we understand that communicating with state institutions and local authorities is often tricky due to language barriers. You want to understand your business potentials and downfalls and deal confidently with German bureaucracy? Through this seminar, we can help you to overcome language barriers in the German business environment.



Negotiation coaching

“How to negotiate your business success?”


  • Negotiations are an essential part of any business and significantly influence the profitability and market value of the company. Negotiation is also a sign of quality for an entrepreneur. However, as a migrant entrepreneur in Germany, negotiation can be an extremely difficult challenge. We understand that very well, and that is why we are here. Through training, we will advise you on becoming an expert in negotiations and negotiating your business success.