M.A. Stephan Schreckeis

Founder & CEO

Hailing from the vibrant city of Berlin, armed with a master's degree in technical sciences from Berlin and a rich background in music, Stephan embodies the true “Ich bin ein Berliner” spirit of entrepreneurship.

His entrepreneurial journey began with the founding of Invest Con over 20 years ago. His commitment to both electrotechnic technology, sustainability and musical expression has been a driving force behind his innovative approach of doing business. Driven with his family tradition, in providing business development support for entrepreneurs from the previous “Eastern Block” . He has not only generated various patents in electrotechnical technology but has also birthed multiple companies and investments. As a true Berliner and a Business Angel, he is dedicated to shaping the future through digitalization and sustainable, inventive business solutions, leaving an enduring impact on the entrepreneurial landscape.


Firmenhund Mela von IBC - Internationales Business Coaching GmbH für Unternehmer mit Migrationshintergrund aus Berlin


Co-founder & chief well-being officer

Our Chief Well-Being Officer, Mela, is the epitome of a life-balance dog. Regardless of the coaching needs, she ensures everyone gets a dose of attention and tenderness in exchange for snuggles and biscuits. Mela oversees work-life balance factors both in the office and at home, ensuring everyone enjoys daily walks and basks in the sun in our office garden.

Mela believes in the significance of work for a well-rounded work-life balance, especially when it involves daily tasks. On rainy days, her favorite spot is the chill sofa in the office, where she provides a daily dose of well-being coaching to those who join her during breaks. It's worth noting without playing during work. It is non-negotiable for her and an essential part of her well-being philosophy.

MSc. Zvonimira Schreckeis

Founder & CMO

Originally from sunny Split, Croatia, Zvoni began her entrepreneurial journey in 2008 after completing her master's degree in Management. With her final theses, she envisioned positioning Croatia as a work-life balance destination and pioneered one of Eastern Europe's first online platforms for cluster marketing, focusing on rural development and sustainable business practices.

Seeking new horizons due to the unstable business climate in Croatia, she made the strategic move to Berlin. Armed with a clear vision and a determination to “Make it real” in Germany as an entrepreneur with a migrant background, she immersed herself in the dynamic Berlin startup Event scene.

Freelancing with experts at Berlin Valley and navigating pandemic challenges, Zvoni dedicated herself to crafting a "strive to thrive" concept. She founded IBC, then with her German tandem partner, today her husband dedicated herself in supporting migrant entrepreneurs. She earns further specialization in Online Marketing Management and Change Management. 

Today, she is a passionate female and migrant entrepreneur activist and a proud member of the Female Business Angels group. She also takes pride in being a free coach, funded by the government, to support all unemployed individuals venturing into entrepreneurship.


Members of our business family


As part of our dedication to make it real, we proudly engage with renometed partners and the Berlin Valley community, actively participate in business consulting associations, and we are enthusiastic members of a female entrepreneurs' community and a prestigious business angel group. These affiliations not only enhance our expertise but also open doors to extensive networks of professionals and entrepreneurs.

Beraternetzwerk Ostbrandenburg

Beraternetzwerk Ostbrandenburg is an invaluable Partner Association in our journey. Expertise and collaborative spirit bring a wealth of insights and support to our endeavors. Together, we navigate challenges, share knowledge, and empower each other to achieve excellence. This partnership is a testament to the strength of collaborative networks, driving innovation and success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Fuhrmann Wallenfels Berlin

Fuhrmann Wallenfels Berlin is a well-practised team of specialised attorneys and notaries. Many clients have been trusting them for decades. In addition to private individuals, this includes a large number of regional, super-regional and international companies from a wide variety of industries, insurance companies, research institutions and ecclesiastical institutions.


INTAGUS is a consulting company located in Berlin specialised in medium-sized corporate transactions. Using its wealth of experience, INTAGUS GmbH develops individually tailored succession solutions and provides company owners with professional help with business acquisitions and sales of companies.

Aaron Platener

After completing his master’s degree in Silicon Valley and returning to Berlin, Aaron became an important part of Berlin Valley by co-founding one of the first start-up accelerators in Berlin, das Rainmaking Loft. Many of the most well-known start-ups worldwide were founded exactly there.  Kontist was also founded there, and Aaron personally joined Kontist as the lead product manager after he had given up his role at the start-up accelerator. He was also Zvonimira’s first boss in Berlin. She worked under him, and since then they have continued their collaboration and friendship.


Beratungswelt stands as a key Partner Association in our collaborative efforts. Commitment to excellence in consultancy aligns seamlessly with our values, creating a synergy that fosters mutual growth and success. Together, we explore new horizons, share insights, and contribute to a dynamic ecosystem of business innovation. This partnership exemplifies the power of collaborative networks in shaping a brighter future for our clients and communities alike.


Erfolgspfad is a significant partnership for us, and we take pride in being a free coach, funded by the government, to support all unemployed individuals venturing into entrepreneurship. Our collaboration with "Erfolgspfad" goes beyond traditional coaching, as we work hand in hand to empower and guide aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey to success. This unique partnership reflects our shared commitment to fostering innovation and creating opportunities for those looking to make a transformative impact through their businesses.


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