Empowering Migrant Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur with a migrant background, you understand that success knows no borders. However, it comes with its unique set of challenges, from language barriers and cultural differences to navigating bureaucracy, legal and regulatory landscapes, and sometimes, the struggle to access financing and business networks. But fear not—these challenges are where we step in to help!


At IBC Business Coaching, our commitment to the empowerment of migrant entrepreneurs transcends conventional goal. It's our mission.

With IBC on your side, it might be time to clarify your potential and risks and to understand all of the growth opportunities available for you in Germany.

So, what's in it for you?

    Communication Guidance

Many entrepreneurs with migrant backgrounds are “speechless”. However, you can run your business without many hassles with the right coach support. IBC's guidance dives deep into cross-cultural communication, offering you a dedicated partner to represent your business authentically, articulate your vision, and resonate with both institutions and your broad audience.

Bureaucracy Navigation

Did you know that even native Germans struggle with their own bureaucracy? Whether you are starting your business or expanding it to Germany, do not be ashamed to seek some coaching.  IBC Business Coaching provides you with tailored insights into the German regulatory environment, empowers you to understand compliance, streamline processes, and guides you confidently in navigating administrative landscapes.

Financing Coaching

There are a few ways to secure funds for your business in Germany. One option is to explore business loans from banks. Another route is to connect with investors. A third approach is to explore funding opportunities through government or EU programs. It's crucial for every entrepreneur to review each program to identify the one that aligns best with their needs. We specialize in tailoring opportunities and guiding you to choose the funding scheme that suits your business. With our reliable partners by our side, IBC Business Coaching can provide support in securing the financing your business needs.

Business Network

As part of our commitment to your success, we proudly engage with several business associations and are active members of the Berlin Valley business community (and a female business angel group). These affiliations not only enrich our expertise but also open doors to a vast network of professionals and entrepreneurs.

Join us at IBC, where your business isn't just coached; it's integrated into a vibrant network designed to propel you forward. Let's expand your horizons and cultivate connections that elevate your entrepreneurial journey.

Successfully design your change management

Survive to Thrive - Change Management

Can crises become opportunities? Crises have already been used as opportunities for many small and medium-sized businesses. This takes place by systematically analyzing corporate, market, and consumer behavior and by designing change processes in a solution-oriented way.

Your greatest strength to help manage modern business challenges is change. Are you willing to adjust to new market requirements and new virtual opportunities?

Sustainable change management is the capability to change yourself from the inside out and present the full potential of your company to the outside world. The challenge for today’s management is to implement new strategies. Do you have what it takes to change yourself to create opportunities for further development and to give advantages to your entire company? Or you need some coaching? We can help you find a mutual understanding of the goal of change and the purpose of implementing a new business strategy.

Change Management with IBC 

We guide you in changing perspectives, emphasizing solutions, and activating resources to drive meaningful change within your organization.


Key Actions for Implementing Change:


  • Strategic Planning Analysis: Leveraging SWOT, AS, and Should-Cost analysis to strategically plan your journey.

  • Market Analysis and Change Identification: Conducting thorough market analyses to identify areas in need of change based on results.

  • Change Project Development: Collaborating on the development and seamless implementation of change projects.

  • Marketing Strategy Formulation: Crafting effective marketing strategies aligned with your audience and business objectives.

  • Digitalization Strategy Execution: Assisting in formulating and executing digitalization strategies to keep your business at the forefront of technological advancements.

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